Jeje hearts charity foundation has been working in uganda through partners since 2016 and officially registered through the NGO bureau since 26th july 2016 with a country wide mandate of operation in uganda.We work in martenal and child health and pediatric cancer.

To provide a stable foundation that is rooted in education and health care.

We will provide a loving and safe, family environment that enables children.

Build a home that will raise, nurture and re-habilitate children.


Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world. More than half of its 42 million people are children which provides exciting potential for a dynamic future.

After years of conflict and insecurity, there has been some considerable progress.
More children are in school and fewer are dying of preventable illnesses. Improve the situation.

But many children, especially in rural areas, still live in poverty and without their basic rights.
Your gift positively impacts children in need now in the future.


Volunteer with Us

We improve access to quality learning, by training teachers, building infrastructure, providing equipment . A start is all required.

“I have visited Uganda severally , it hurts to see people living in such poor conditions like in Gulu and Arua , I will always donate to this cause “

Tommy Albert

Support Our Programs

We support rural clinics to improve maternal and newborn health, by providing equipment, medicine and training.

“Covid-19 hit Uganda like wild fire , i took a decision to donate monthly , Please donate and help to change lives and God will reward you”

Catherine Johnson

Raise Awareness

We support children to know and demand their rights, and to raise their voices to people in power. We help strengthen local.

“I gave in my monthly donation and am happy this foundation is doing a great job”

Paul Wilson